They keep saying “No”. Can I get a yes?
Is it the moment when the bullets spray to my chest?
Or the moment when the black simply fade off my skin?
Or when I’m gathering suspects for drinks in the wind?
Jeezy shouldn’t trapped because I feel that flame burn
I’m done with this world, I wanna see the world burn
Name get changed, but the same culture here
5 years in and I’m done with the fear
Push me like a senior, gone give me senior money
Quit feeding me crumbs, I see the bread ya fucking dummy
This shit too easy, I write rhymes in the time
To get the shit out, so I don’t lose my mind
My standards too high to be flying so low
I do this effortlessly, so when I go hard, it’s a show.
They keep asking why I play the game with ease.
It’s a rat vs rat, and now I want my cheese

I’ma make these niggas get on they shit dog
If nothin’ else I can write a hit dog
I’ma need five bricks for the show dog
Plus another 20k just to throw dog
I’ve done had about all I can take dog
I’ma show you how to kill ’em when they hate dog
Sometime ya gotta let a nigga know dog
Sometime ya gotta fuck a nigga hoe dog

Months roll around, and the folks still lurking
This shit’s main event, so keep curtain jerking
This revolver got bullets and all ya suckas out of luck
Heat seekers in this bitch, hit ya even when you duck
Shoot fire to this game when it need Novocain
Go harder in the paint than Lebron in the game
I’m in denial because I say it’s the last time
That I set fire to the roof with my rhymes
Truth of it is when I did that album Juu
That was the moment when I said that I’m over you
I decided to hit that altar and say, I do
And then evolve in the life, I’m better than you
AL5 took a seat so I can get my mind right
Then I heard the wrong shit, now I’m back in the fight
My passion is now back and it’s time for recognition
I’m still better than ya sub-tweets and Twitter mentions


I’m trumpin this better than DT in the election
But I win the popular vote, and damn the defection
I said when I wrote this, no political shots
But how you win this, that’s what got me hot
If a nigga did what you did, they’d impeach so quick
Win Tuesday and January lookin like he ain’t shit
This country so split and niggas just chilling
And you see who truly doing the rioting and the killing
We working in silence, because we don’t need the ruckus
Ain’t no point when we see the middle finger pointed to us
Jeezy take me out man, I’m done playing games
It’s recognition, no more denial in the game
Valet out front, full tank nigga
And I’m actin’ like my shit don’t stank nigga
The general, P Miller on the tank nigga
Y’all bout to make me start pullin’ rank nigga


inspired by Jeezy – Let em Know