What’s the purpose in the booth, why I decide to take this road
And tell a story on a mic instead of taking the high road
But this is the high road, or am I high on the road
I don’t know any more due to me feeling so cold
And aging more in 6 years than 24, nigga I feel old
Or what about the lies and bullshit I keep getting sold
It’s the stress talking, and me saying I’m so tired
Of looking over my shoulder or waiting on the ‘You’re fired’
So I’m washing my hands now, and I’m living for Los
Other than that, trust me, I’m burning it like toast
Got folks saying I can’t flow, so I tell em keep talking
Looking at shit like this and I say, bitch keep walking
I do this shit for fun and it’s better than 2015
The way these words come across the screen, lames can only dream
Unsigned and unclaimed, I do what I feel
Release 3 in one year, and I write the shit that’s real
I find a beat, get a mood, and I rip it to shreads
And will gladly steal ya bitch from your arm just for some head
You see, man, I can stunt too, but here’s the truth
I’m a poet with rage and lyrical vision to boot
Because every word I say is a bullet and I’m firing all chambers
Make you get down on the ground faster than Mystikal yelling, “Danger!”
When you had the life I had, you’d start snapping too
But don’t get it twisted and say that he’s rapping too
I’m just putting a beat behind lyrics, I’m far from a rapper
If I was a real rapper, I’d be richer than the richest actor
But let’s quit finding words and let’s go straight to the point
And why a small town nigga dropping this hot joint.
What made me start writing, what made me get rolling
What made me go harder in my words than I go in strolling
It’s becuase I get sick of the circle that keeps repeating
The same things in life I see, man it’s defeating
I go 100 in my life, but I keep that shit humble
It’s more true that stuff retweet, reblog, or even tumble
So what I do is stack money, and ask what do you add
Consider my position, if I leave would you be glad
I keep evaluating my life, my road will soon be straight
Simply put, make life easier, no room for dead weight
Because I can weight myself down with my own sadness and woes
But I choose instead to square up and face my foes
I got so many demons, some I fight each and every day
And I lament on the mistakes I made just this past May
So why a man like me still getting compared to who got a CD
Because the shit they spit is like John Cena, bitch you can’t see me
So now I break silence, and let you people see
How painful it truly is to be little ol’ me
And now I make it easy, I bury all my burdens
I’m done hiding sadness behind the smiling curtains


–inspired by Ludacris – Beast Mode