When Los on the mic, people start asking questions
He got a check list and best believe a nigga checkin
He checkin around the room and he hear the thoughts
The same thoughts they have are the same as his thoughts
Is that fire he spit years ago still there
I understand that thought and trust me it’s fair
So keep thinking and watch how a man just switch
From being lyrical to straight flowing in this bitch
I took a minute away and this is what you do
Fucked shit up so bad, that a nigga should sue
Time to rip this shit apart from start to finish
Because my tolerance ain’t here, nigga reached his limit

You tout my damn letters and then say it’s so hard
I don’t pledge pussies, so don’t ever pull that card
If I-Phi is too hard, homie, put my letters down
And I don’t give a flying fuck if yo ass get a frown
Because we can settle it like pros or take it to the grass
Either motherfucking way, I’ll straight whup yo ass
7 years in this bitch and I make em go running
Cuz they know a beast is here and a nigga straight gunning
I strolled alone, stepped alone, and never thought twice
To let the crowd know that I-Phi always had fight
So don’t ever in ya life tuck tail and show fright
Serve, recruit, profit, and keep the crowd hype

Life ain’t never easy, so please stop complaining
All you gotta do is re-up and rearrange it
Think back on it and you see where you are
Is the results of the mistakes you made so far
I’m done playing pessimistic, I dealt with that years ago
When I was an 18 year old, wearing baggy hood clothes
I blamed my depression on the years I was picked on
Even on my aunt and grandparents when God called em home
Truth of it that I did it to myself
I couldn’t blame them or anybody else
So I fixed myself, surrounded myself with driven niggas
And will dismiss those whose goals are below 6 figures

–inspired by Empire Cast – Snitch Bitch