Another Level 5 is the 2018 release.


Tracks for this have always been in my mind, but that’s where they stayed. It was like something blocking the thoughts from coming to fruition. Almost 3 years after I wrote Juu, something happened and I wrote an intro and two tracks. AL5 pays homage to what made me a lyricist but uses my current mindset. I felt as if I have a lot more to give, but it was tough finding the avenue to give it. This makes it worth the wait. I felt something different when I wrote the first half of the album that I didn’t even feel when I wrote what I thought was my best, which was Juu. Guess I got a reason to go past 10.


  1. Intro
  2. Return to the Fold
  3. Penance
  4. Reset Button
  5. Into Darkness
  6. Achievement
  7. Descent
  8. Delivery
  9. Retouched
  10. Change the Game
  11. Loose Ends
  12. Basic Concepts
  13. Another Level
  14. Juu
  15. Outro