From time after time, I’ll drop something here, just to speak my mind. A lot of it is poetry and the rest of it is rap verses. Not a poetry genius by any means, but I try my best.


The Renegade
A playoff my words, detaching myself from poetry and letting a story flow.

Los vs C-Los
A collection of poetry with a twist. Loosely based off the T.I. album, T.I. vs T.I.P.

The Shoot
Based off T.I.’s “What Up, What’s Haapnin’”, this is me returning to my original style, putting some effort into my writings.

This is a rebirth of my talent, bringing a new style of flow.

Paper Trail
Inspired by T.I.’s album of the same name, this is me flowing off most of his beats.


The Loose Ends Collection
The Loose Ends is inspired by Yo Gotti, TI, & Eminem. 5 distinct batches of lyrics.

Retouched Evolution
Part II of Paper Trail

Change the Game
Paving the way for a new LosEvolution

Final Resolution
The burial of life’s hindrances, well, at least the current ones.

LosEvolution – Chronicles of L.E.
Sometimes, life needs a reality check.

Basic Concepts
The basic moments of rhyme.

Another Level
Trying out something new.

Another Level II
The beast has awoken.

Another Level III
Speaking of truth.

Walking away from everything.

Another Level V (release 4/5/19)
Return to the form.

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