PC vs Console: My Story

Still sticking onto the two weeks of nerdy (which has been my type of posts), I’m going to slant my opinion in the PC vs Console wars.

For years, I have sat in front of a console, playing, winning, losing, and kicking ass. From the NES to the Xbox, I spent the latter 16 years of my life perfecting the gaming craft. It’s still a journey, one worth playing and the best time-killer to date. I’ve owned the NES, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, and the Xbox. Each of these consoles were bought around the $120-150 range. Seven generations into the consoles, the new systems start at $200 and end at $500. Makes me think I’m buying a killer video card for my desktop.

Onto the PC era. From 500mhz to a dual 2.01GHZ, I’ve been branching out to the Counter-Strike, Quake IV, UT2004 and 3, Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, KKOW, Halo, Half-Life, Command & Conquer, AoE, and even a little Warcraft. I’ve been doing PC gaming since 2000, but extensive online play started in ’03. Right now, I just have to throw a strong video card into my desktop, and I’m set. I love PC gaming, it’s a pretty fun thing. If the games continue and my PC has room for upgrades (as well as my pocket), then I may continue to game on my PC.

I’ve only played online with my PC, not a console. Not dissing the console online play, I’ve just never done it. It seems interesting, but a 360 and a PS3 are crazy on the price and the lack of modding section. I love my modded Xbox, with all the backups of my games (so I don’t have to worry about working with scratched CDs). In order to complete the PC experience, I gotta grab a kick-ass videocard. It’s a very interesting pickle, one I don’t know if it’ll taste good or not.

The side I choose in this war is the console side because I’ve played it the longest.