“Passion is life, and without passion, there’s not much life” – John Cena

I hear these words and I realize that there’s something to be passionate about and to me, it IS life.

When that alarm rings, I know that I’m not living just to live. I’m living cuz I love what I do in life, and I love the measure of success I’ve obtained. The thing is that it’s like a drug: once you taste it, you want more.

So, I worked hard at pretty much everything that can be worked at.

  • Education
  • Spirituality
  • My relationship with my family and others
  • My career in the IT field
  • My restoration of faith, hope and confidence in myself
  • The innate ability to maintain professionalism
  • My overall physical and mental health

All of these things and many more, I’ve spent years working on them. My passion is my life and the many improvements I can make to it.

What is YOUR passion?