Optimism, Motivation, Confidence – The Most Difficult to Hold

It’s so hard to be optimistic about life and the things it throws. To keep the positive attitude throughout it all, to keep that view of the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. To raise your fist to the sky, no matter the consequences. It’s a hard thing to do and sometimes the ol’ optimism wears out at times. The ol concept with the glass being half-full and half-empty. I wonder: Maybe we should not worry how empty or full the glass is. Maybe we should be lucky to have the glass itself.


“You can look me in the eyes, and see I’m ready for whatever
Anything that don’t kill me, make me better” – T.I. : Motivation

Staying motivated and enduring the circumstances that come with life. Hardships, complications, heartbreak, pretty much anything that life deals. It’s pretty much like a card game: the hand HAS to be played.

Confidence is trust or faith that a person or thing is capable. (Wikipedia) Believing that one is capable of pretty much anything that the mind is set to. To have this overwhelming confidence, to look on that bright side, to show bravery, fortitude, guts, courage, and anything that relates to some sort of heroism. Not saying that you have to be a hero to have confidence, but sometimes it seems that confidence can be broken as easy as it is built.

It is so difficult to hold on to these three things when the chips are down, when things roll downhill. But it is at that point where those three things come into play the most. Confidence that a person can pull off anything, motivation to actually do something with that confidence, and keeping the optimism that things will work out for the best.