Online Groups, Message Board Memberships, and Much More

OK, today I sat back and thought about where I have been on the web.  My name is plastered on a lot of sites, especially message boards. There are a million of message boards, or forums, around the Internet, and I know my membership extends through a lot of them. As for online groups, I know how crazy my membership is with them, LOL.

Facebook really helped me with that one, contributing over 100 groups. I may respond to like 10 or 15 of them. That is usually how it turns out. I hate it, but it’s how a person finds him or herself not going to the same site all the time.

Also, I maintain a constant reach on many other sites because I comment on them, especially many other blogs. Just like people may like to read my posts, I enjoy reading others.

DaniWeb, WrestlingForum, ProWrestling Scoops Forum, TimeGate Studio’s Fourm,, and Bleach Forum. OK, these are just the first few that come to mind.

It was just a thought thing on the amount of sites visited and how many message boards and/or groups a person can be a member of, especially in FaceBook. How many groups or sites are YOU a member of?



By the way, I Googled my screen names.