One Year In The Game (Fall 08)

Fall 2008 saw a change that a lot of people did not expect. LosEvolution took his hand and dealt it into the life of greekdom. Not only was it a tossup, I pledged something that NO ONE guessed. Iota was a choice made to make a difference and to solidify my position in life as a unique individual. I always wanted to make a solemn difference on campus, whether it was my involvement on campus in organizations or having one of the most public jobs on campus. November 16, 2008, I set foot on campus as a member of Iota Phi Theta. The hilarious part was that I did not realize how big of a deal it would become. Instead of watching the others stroll in a circle representing their organizations, I became a charter member of my own, willing and able to stroll and step to the fullest of my ability.

This year was a year of publicity and support, as I want everyone to support my organization. I, in retrospect, extended my hand to a lot of organizations when I had the time. It was not for recognition, it was merely letting them know that there was a Greek organization supporting them. It helped a lot during the two Iota Weeks as a lot of people say they enjoyed them. What amazed me was the amount of respect that was given. It is because of this respect that I give 100% to my showing of Iota Phi Theta and it is also because of the respect I have for the organization.

This one year has been so much fun, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
Also, I would like to say Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Fall 08 Greeks!!!

but no matter what
iPhi is here to stay!

Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. at the University of Mississippi is alive and well!