Nullify the Negative

Funny thing is that I was originally going to entitle this “1998-2008: RIP to the BS.”

I now realize that there are certain aspects that I do not want to forget. But it’s called moving on.

I wondered what happened when a light goes off in the mind and makes one think, “You know what, end of the line.” Well, my light went off. Basically, I’m really going to heat my posts up this week as it’s final exam time and I’m really dealing with positive and negative thoughts. I plan to walk away from ALL the negative, nullifying it. I’m done with minimal optimism, negative thoughts, thoughts of despair and defeat. As of this point, it’s a clean slate, moving on to the future, removing the negative aspects. There’s no room for doubting the ability that is given. There’s only room for an unrelenting faith. Faith that can only become strong with each day. No more wavering, no more doubting.