New Jewel: CTG2 – Who the World Belong to?

Release – 1/1/13

Ever thought it was time to shake your life up? Make adjustments? Tired of the same ol’? When writing all the Loose Ends and even the 1st Change the Game, I felt it was a bit of a rush style. Also, I know from the first 3, I was trying too hard to be a rap artist instead of the lyricist that I am. This is a return to my lyrical storytelling style, shifting a bit back into Spoken Word, abandoning the pain and torture that Loose Ends causes. Loose Ends is a depiction of a past forgotten, and it takes major shots at my present, some that I’m truly proud of because sometimes, life needs a reality check. The game sometimes gets to be played out, so to be a guy like me and change the game…well, let’s just say that this is not easy, but it is a natural desire.

“Visiting Gotti’s work again put me back into my nature when it came to rap. I approached it wholeheartedly as a way to enhance my poetry and spoken word; however, I feel that after LE5, I have not truly tasted the entire approach to adding beats to my words. With a 1/1/13 release, I know that this is something that I can approach patiently and thoroughly, the same as Loose Ends 5. I believe that after Loose Ends 4, I really decided to embrace the possibility that I could articulate myself effectively through rhyme.” – LosEvolution

CTG2 – Who The World Belong To