Multiple Media Players – Any Purpose?

The underlying idea behind having more than one media player is the fact that most of them do not play all types of media. Only one to play RealMedia is RealPlayer. Windows Media files are converted by default when uploaded to iTunes. On top of that, iTunes only supports the iPod and not any other Mp3 Player. Winamp, RealMedia, and MusicMatch have price tags for their pro features. Windows Media Player has the nickname WiMP for a reason. It’s just so many…..

On my machine, I have iTunes, Windows Media Player 11, VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic, and Winamp 5.35. There’s an implied reason behind having these 5, and it’s a decent one….

Come back here on 8/19/07 to find out. LosEvolution’s Multimedia Plunge – A 3-letter/number Trial