To be morally correct and to have a sense of morality…..

I’m really going to push the envelope with this because I try to hold myself to a strong, moralistic code that shines out, especially when I may be close to doing something that goes against it. At one time, I tried to explain the moral code, but even to me, it is confusing. It’s a gut feeling that takes time to hit you, but when it does…it makes you think, big time.

I refuse to stick myself out there as a 100% morally sound person. I have my points that even contradict my beliefs or my words. An old friend once said, “Practice what you preach.” Well, practice makes perfect, and I’m practicing each and every day.

from Wikipedia

Morality (from the Latin moralitas “manner, character, proper behavior”) is the learning process of distinguishing between virtues and vices.

I believe that a person develops strong, moral character after learning what is moral and immoral. It dwells into religion and family teachings. To me, it’s a deep, inner feeling. It truly conflicts on other aspects of my character, but I would rather have morals than to be without them.