LosEvolution Response to the Chris Benoit Issue…

During this week, wrestling fans, activists, and non-wrestling fans were affected by the Chris Benoit story in various ways.

“my opinion is that he turned out to a ruthless sick lunatic killer in the end
i cant even talk about respect for him or anything, its still sinking in what he did. he has murdered his family and himself, caused suffering to so many people and has blackened wrestling’s name forever
i do acknowledge that he might have had mental problems but…..” – ProWrestlingScoops Forums User

“FUCK THAT… he KILLED his 7 year old son by suffocation, we all know it’s going to take a little while for him to die. How could someone stand there holding a pillow or whatever it was over his face while he struggles to get away?” – WrestlingForum User

“Maybe in a week when you’re not being such a mark you’ll realize that benoit was a great wrestler and a piece of shit. You never knew him, to say it couldnt be him because his friends say he’s a nice guy is ridiculous. As far as his legacy is concerned, yeah, of course we’re going to remember him for this, but I expect it’ll be like how football fans remember oj. He’ll be considered a “great”, but no one will ever want to honor him.

And NO, this is not “speculation” anymore, it wasnt “carbon monoxide poisoning”, if you’ve read the facts of the case then you’d know that this as sure of him being guilty as it can be without him admitting he did it or having it on videotape.

As far as the “who are you to judge him” stuff, I guess if thats your viewpoint that we cant judge a guy who kills his own 7 year old, then thats ok, but if you cant judge him then you cant judge anybody.

I do agree with you though, that removing him from the site, etc is a little much. As terrible as this is, people arent going to forget, and people have to make the disctinction between the man and the performer when they watch his old performances. One thing’s for sure though, wrestlemania 20’s main event is no longer the greatest ever match if it was in the first place. The whole “benoit finally does it” storyline is shot to hell now.” – PWS Forums User

SI.com – “WWE star killed family, self”

CNN – “Roid-Rage Questions surround Benoit murder-suicide”

Washington Post – WWE and USA Network Wrestle with Benoit Case

Ok, I’m done with the whole thing. As a WWE fan, my last blog tribute to Benoit was done the day of the death notification, without notice of how it happened. The reason behind aforementioned blog was my respect that I had  for the wrestler and how much he contributed to the sport. It was not in any way, shape, form or fashion endorsing him and what has happened. Morally, I, as a human being, cannot condone a person who has killed someone, especially a 7 year old child.

Therefore, as WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon did on Tuesday’s ECW taping, there will be no further mention of Chris Benoit, or anything pertaining to the issue on LosEvolution.com. No other posts will be made by its administrator or other contributors which associate themselves with this site.

-Case closed-