1. The WWE Champion will no longer be hobbled as he faces Ryback. Money’s on a dirty finish.
  2. How will Dolph Ziggler, his new mouthpiece AJ, and her pilsbury dough…oh I’m sorry, Big E Langston respond to them being ‘sh*tted on’ by Cena?
  3. The Rock returns to make everyone seem inadequate. Don’t blame him, the rest of the roster need to take notes!
  4. Now that 2013 has set in, will Cena start it off with a bang or be the dud he was in 2012?

WWE is gearing to start swinging for the fences as Wrestlemania is now on the horizon. How hard will they hit?


All this and more tonight on WWE RAW, at 8pm EST/7pm CST

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  1. This time of year is a reward for us fans who stick with the product all year and have basically watch 6 months of poor TV.

    1. Brock Lesnar return
    2. Chris Jericho return
    3. CM punk return to action
    4. The Rock return
    5. The Undertaker return
    6. HHH return
    7. General RTWM
    8. CM Punk Vs Ryback
    9. Royal Rumble
    10. CM Punk Vs The Rock – match and promos
    11. Elimination Chamber
    12. Wrestlemania
    13. Sheamus, Ryback, Orton, The Shield
    14. Clusterfuck and exciting endings
    15. Vince McMahons involvement