Modern Warfare 3 Class/Stats

UMP45 with Silencer & Rapid Fire – Primary
FMG9 Akimbo – Secondary
Blind Eye Pro
Assassin Pro
Steady Aim Pro

Specialist Package:
2 Kills – Hardline
4(3) Kills – Sleight of Hand
6(5) Kills – Quickdraw

This setup got me a crazy 18-kill streak which once uploaded to COD Elite, I will post on YouTube.

I am mediocre by all means, however, put me in a game and chances are, I will have a .7 or greater K/D ratio.

Level 50 – 2nd Prestige
.87 overall K/D ratio
Highest Kill Streak – 18
Roughly 70 hours played: only translates to 2.9 days of gameplay since launch.

For those who use COD Elite, look up LosEvolution. I need to get my PSN stats as strong as my Xbox stats!