Modern Warfare 3 – 3 Hours of Fun

I made a quick run at this, and it was worth every penny. In Oxford, MS, over 400 copies were given to prepaid customers and I was number 96…not bad i guess. Anyway, to the gameplay!

Team Deathmatch

On the 360, look for ‘losevolution.’ I’m somewhat average, with a .7 K/D ratio and rocking a suppressed SCAR with Slight of Hand Pro. Not bad for 3 hours, but I am definitely aiming to get better. I’m playing with a few guys on the Xbox 360, using the [GaYF] clantag. I’ll also be on the PS3, rocking the [SAND] clan tag soon.

Honestly, I haven’t observed the other modes yet, but I am working on it. The SpecOps will definitely be the next target.

So, who else has tried this game?