Midterms Circling In

Well, with midterms, I’ve lost track of time to generate a few decent posts for the week and on the account of the garbage known as the stomach flu, I’ve been off my grinding center lately. So, I’m somewhat back on it to try to get through the week. I can say I’m back to fighting form…well, about 60-65% anyway. I can walk around without falling flat on my face, comparable to Monday. Despite that, my stomach is STILL turning flips to say the least. Weight training and my usual food intake are out of the window for a week. Taking two days off class was dangerous. On top of that, I got a quiz, one paper, and tomorrow exam makes a total of 3 midterms! Wish me luck!

Tomorrow’s post will be a little late in the evening, similar to this one because of testing. Keep ya eyes open, it’s gonna be a double up thing!