May 18 – 1 Month Left Until 25

June 18th is a homecoming. The life I lived had made me many things, but now I’m at a point, a quarter of the life approaching. Where to go from this point is the kicker?

The Reputation

I spent the time letting my actions build my reputation, whether it was being a computer consultant, fellow student, Ole Miss Staff, member of Iota Phi Theta, it really didn’t matter. The last 7 years have been a blast. I just wanted to be the top guy, but I really didn’t know what that would entail…until I reached a high that I could put in one word: electrifying.

Dealing with Enemies

A lot of people have those they call ‘enemies.’ My only enemies are the negatives in the English language and pain. Body willing, but physically, I am limited. At 5’6, almost 170lbs, I am pretty sure that my enemy is also mother time. Physically, I was weaker and from an endurance standpoint, I was nowhere where I wanted to be. For the latter part of 3 years, I pushed and pulled my body into perhaps the greatest shape of my life. I am stronger than I have ever been, but the pain that comes along with it…..

The Life

I am who I am….I do what I can do…I trust who I can trust…I see who I can see…I love who needs to be loved…all in all….I live, I breathe, I struggle, and I fight until there is no fight left….

But it is time to grow up.