From a lyrical point, rage oozes out of my words,
Truly a lyricist, feed all the haters to the birds,
Trust me, these lyrics deserved to be heard,
Not the first, second, but the third
Time I stood up for something and got called a nerd
Got shitted on with a unnecessary turd
And now the rage is felt from word to word
But it’s ok, I’m gonna cut out the Plies rhyming style
To tell a story that is truly worthwhile
My lyrical rage is something that needs to be understood
Because of the way I tell things in the world, knowing I should
Break away from the norm, not let the rage consume my being
But the thing about it is that I have my reason
To say what needs to said and do what needs to be done
Because this lyrical ish, yeah, I do this for fun
But here’s a warning shot, flaring out my lyrical gun
My lyrical rage is my expression
Of my words, my rhymes are my ultimate protection