Lyrical Rage Part Deux

I spit fire, I spit hard on my rhyme
Let ya people know that it’s high time
That Los let you know that he’s back and he’s spittin truth
To all ya lil haters, time to lay out my d**n rules
I’m sick and tired of feelin sorry for your a**es
Cuz right now I’m gonna school ya, shawty ya classless
Don’t b***h cuz I moved on and kept it grown
You should’ve kept your gameface on while my pimp hand was strong
This my chance to let you know that the ship has sailed
And your chances are basically “No Chance in Hell”
Lyrical rage at random, just like my targets
I’m puttin everybody on watch in this market
Cuz I’m shootin at anybody who come in my direction
Makin ya ass flaccid like a weak a** erection.