LosEvolution’s Views

Because of my involvement in the debate planning, I could not portray my views or opinions. Now I’m free to unleash my mind.

1) The “War on Terror”
Al-Qaeda is the main problem when it comes to terrorism. Now stronger than ever, Al-Qaeda, once again, pose a threat to our world. The war started in Afghanistan and it should had ended in Afghanistan. America dropped the ball on this issue, moving to Iraq. Misinformation has led troops to their deaths, basically looking like the biggest ass in the world. As the most powerful, most influential nation in the world, you would think that we can handle the war.

2) The Economy….
It is a tragedy that banks and major companies such as WaMU failed. We’re in danger of another recession, the worst thing to happen to people of my age bracket. I don’t want to graduate from Ole Miss and not have a job and an economy to rely on. We are in the worst defecit in history. “The foundations of our economy are strong” my ass. We’ve screwed around with funds and we’re paying for it. Plain and simple. It’s a billion of billions of dollars hole. No $700 billion plug is going to close it. Rather than closing the hole, there has to be a solution to the shovels that dug it.

What are YOUR opinions on this issue?