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To be blunt, this is where I am. On this day, April 12, 2011, it is a reset. Honestly, I grow tired of the nuances of the life of Evolution. Today marks anew, like a day one; therefore, I start it off saying things that really need to be said.

I’m tired of being the guy who walks around with his head not high
So, I light the flame, casting aside all things that must die
From the hate, the anger, the death, the demise
Of a character that tried to portray a vision that was not from his own eyes
I could give two fucks whether or not anyone walks with me after I say what I say
Just know that I’ll try to do better day after day
Because just like The Rock, no matter what I bring it
To all the haters, you can keep singing it
Singing all hate, trust me, I call you secret lovers
Because you ain’t hard, you a bitch undercover
So I let go of it all, even all the past
To everybody who’s a bully, trust you can kiss my ass
My life got hounded for so many years
And because of this I cried one too many tears
Mainly because I fear the things done and the things said
To me, I begin anew…to me, all other things are now dead