LosEvolution – Going Deeper & Deeper

Every once in a while, I’ll branch out personally, mainly because I can.

LosEvolution – Acceptance

That was an old post done while I was trying to piece things together. Now here’s something new.

Settling into 21 and accepting my life is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve looked my mistakes in the eye and accepted all of them. I’m not looking for perfection, but a new start, a new drive, and a new life. Basically, as a prodigy, I’m sick of the shadow. As a student, I’m sick of falling short in an area that’s not even my niche, but an alternate. And now as a man, I’m really falling off. So this is a point where I’m really pulling a 360 on my life.

I can sit here and bitch about 2007 being the worst year of my life, or I can sit here and say that I went through so much, making me stronger. I’m truly trying to break the mold because if you’re not yourself for so long, you lose yourself. Basically, I’m done with “trying” altogether. It’s either done or not. Enough of this gray area nonsense.

I’m truly done with trying to evolve. So much time wasted, so much time that could’ve spent on something or someone else. Often, a person reflects on a lot of things pertaining to his character and integrity, but not to the point of character re-establishment when the character that’s already there is good enough for the creator of that character. Translation: I’m done bullshitting with myself and the people I’m around. I’m done with changing for the world or for anyone in it. I’m just a grown man who is tired of pussyfooting around. If ya don’t like it, well, that’s your fault.

That is all.