LosEvolution.com iOS8 Survival Kit

What’s worse than storming the phone companies for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus on the 19th? Nuking the internet for iOS8, of course. Today marks the launch of the new Apple OS at 1pm EST.

First off, can you get it? Well, if you have anything greater than the iPhone 4S, then you are set….along with a sizable amount of space to install, so hide your pics and excessive apps.


Whether you use your PC or iCloud, please backup. These updates are usually fine, but that one occasion may be the one that makes you sad due to the loss of that incriminating pic used to blackmail your friend.

Be First In Line or Be Patient

Remember, you’re either in the masses or among the masses. With iOS, it is never just you. Patience will be your virtue.

Use the PC or Phone Wifi versus Mobile Data

Though a lot would depend on Apple’s servers, cut out the middle man as much as possible. Either do the upgrade through iTunes or force WIFI.


These are a few of the many prep/survival tips. What ideas do YOU have?