Loose Ends IV – “Los” Evolution

  1. Intro
  2. Get In The Game (One Verse)
  3. The Standard
  4. 140 Characters (Tweet THIS!)
  5. Self-Titled
  6. Lyrical History
  7. Interlude
  8. SYAL Revisted
  9. The Story
  10. Put it Behind Me
  11. Way of L.E.
  12. Homerun
  13. Rage Freestyle
  14. L.E.V?


Loose Ends IV is the 4th installment in the Loose Ends saga, featuring L.E. 1, Reloaded, and 3. It is the 8th of  the 10 Crown Jewel installments of LosEvolution.com.

“This style takes a lot out of me, as I have to place emotion and beat together. From that point, a different side comes out of me in every verse. For the most part, I consider Loose Ends a darker version of my work. I am more kind with my words, but this allows me to release a bit of negative edge. I, at times, dislike that edge, but my best rhymes come when there is a strong emotion involved.” – Carlos ‘LosEvolution’ Maury