Loose Ends IV – Debut 9/9/12

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Loose Ends 4….

I guess the pen brought this back.

Loose Ends 4 is my revelation of poetry and rhyme. A lot of it is still inspired by T.I, but I began to let my mind explore and lose the filters I used on the rhyme because during the last 3, I held back punches. Doing this tarnished the quality of my work, so the kid gloves are off. rust me, my poetry is serious, but rap is just for kicks, for entertainment, and honestly…I can say if I could produce feasible quality, then 90% of these ‘artists’ in mainstream have no excuse for the lack of substance in the art.

So far, I wrote 3 distinct verses and hoping for 10 more. The timing is rather different, as 9/1/12 is the release date of everything.