Life Anew & Photos from Christmas Drive

Beginning a new year is one thing, beginning a new life is another.

My time on the road during the break has truly shown me a lot of thing about myself and my life. It seems like the open road is a place for me to finally think and air out a lot of things that has happened and what I need to have done. I’m truly through with sympathy about myself and what has been lost to me. I’m done with petty worrying and BS because of the sheer fact that it is not worth it.

 I fold my hand as I’m through playing it. Playtime is over, and every aspect of my life is beginning to change. When a person wants change, I have learned that one must examine EVERY aspect. Every mistake and every path must be examined. Once that examination is made, it is only then that a person’s life will truly slow down. It will finally be a point where 24 hours seems like forever, because a person no longer lives life by each unique day. Life is lived by each breath.

Though we inhale and exhale every second, the breath of opportunity comes once in life.

 Photos from road trip during Christmas