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Forget rollover minutes for wireless, here’s rollover data.

Introducing Data Stash: Don’t lose what you don’t use.

T-Mobile is apparently taking the, “It’s your data, keep it for a year,” approach to users’ unused data. The concept is known as Data Stash, which allows a consumer to save unused data for each month.

Here is an excerpt from T-Mobile’s website on the technology.

Here’s how it works:

  • Available for all T-Mobile customers on a postpaid Simple Choice plan who purchase 3GB or more of 4G LTE data (1GB or more for tablet plans)
  • Starting in January, you’ll have access to your one-time 10GB of Free 4G LTE data
  • Once you’ve used up your Free 10GB, you’ll automatically start rolling your unused 4G LTE data into the next month
  • At the end of the month, all your unused 4G LTE data – rounded up to the nearest megabyte – rolls into your stash to be used any time in the next 12 months.

Plus, if you have an eligible plan, we’ll pre-build your stash with a one-time up to 10GB 4G LTE Free Data Stash. Once you’ve used up that stash, you’ll automatically start rolling your unused 4G LTE high-speed data into the next month.


Not to be outdone, AT&T has now introduced their version of this.

Rollover Data is used only after the full data allowance for your Mobile Share Value plan in the current bill cycle is used. Once you exceed your plan’s current allowance, you’ll automatically start using your available Rollover Data. If all Mobile Share Value plan allowance and Rollover Data are used, an additional allotment of overage data is automatically charged to your account. Overage data does not roll over.

Rollover data expires after one billing cycle, when you change your plan (including changing your data amount), or when your account or Mobile Share Value plan is ended.


It is the same concept, but different terms. Do you want to throw away the data in a year or a month? Shop wisely and shop carefully. No brash decisions, people!!!!

Click here for AT&T’s plan

Click here for T-Mobile’s.



You can be sure that Verizon and Sprint will be next on the horizon to offer something similar. T-Mobile is one of those in the top 4 that were ignored. The company’s strategies are no longer being ignored.