LETECH | Vivaldi – The Answer to Multiple Tabs

Vivaldi – The Answer to Multiple Tabs?

Former Opera CEO, Jon von Tetzchner, launched a new browser on Tuesday, Vivaldi. The target for this is the power user, who could use more features that the current browsers (IE, Chrome) do not offer.

With features such as “tab stacks,”quick shortcuts, notes, screenshots, and more, the browser appears to be rather powerful in its beginning stages. Will it hit the market that Chrome and IE have? I doubt it. Opera, itself, is even struggling in this market, so a new contender would need to target more than the advanced user market.

“Most of the browsers seem to have a goal of making something simpler and simpler,” von Tetzchner told Mashable in an interview. “The advanced user is not really being covered.”

The browser is in its Technical preview stages, so have fun before the polish gets on it. Click here to view the Vivaldi website.

Vivaldi seems to be an interesting concept, especially for a guy such as myself, who lives through multiple tabs and windows. Hopefully, the development of this browser will continue. Since it’s geared towards advanced users, I hope it does not follow the path of the original Mozilla, Maxthon, and many other browsers.