iTunes 12 – We Have A Red Logo

With a red icon and a new, sleeker UI, iTunes has escalated to version as of 3 days ago. Users will find play listing simpler and its much easier to switch between browsing a music library and to the iTunes Store. A new Recents view makes it easy to access the media that has just been purchased or recently played.





As you can see from the images, the above menu is replaced and revamped with neat buttons and the appearance is sleeker and lighter. The text is also bolder and sticks out. The side menu is no longer available from iTunes 11, however, once you click the Playlist button, it appears to the side traditionally. A lot of users have tolerated this sidebar, so the change would be attractive to them; however there are many, like myself, who utilized the sidebar a lot.


Overall, I like change and this is something that was an interesting thing to wake up to this morning when I synced my iPhone. I am definitely looking forward to playing with the new playlists features, especially when coming up with the music and tunes for those crucial gym workouts.


Enjoy iTunes 12 and its red logo. It brings color to all the blue logos that I have on my laptop at the moment….and red is my favorite color.