Is WWE Jumping the Gun with the Unification?

Is it me or does this WWE Unified Championship match feel rushed? Or somewhat thrown together haphazardly?

True enough, the talk of the WWE titles unifying has been going back and forth (possible WM30 match), but to pull it for a TLC PPV?! There is no continuity with this, due to the fact that WWE has kept these 2 guys separate for a long time. They haven’t (completely) bumped heads since WWE Breaking Point when Cena made Orton say, “I quit.”

The fact that Cena/Del Rio AND Orton/Show went sour compared to the hype is perhaps a catalyst behind the quick pull of the title unification trigger.

It does bring to question on what this would mean.

Cena could potentially become a 15-time champion, further solidifying his ability to amass multiple reigns. The thing about that is a big question: What’s next? Everyone and everything that has been on the opposing corner of John Cena either tapped or got pinned. There’s no one really left in this to give Cena a challenge and make him appear to be an underdog, aside from the Undertaker. I wouldn’t even want to go down that road, since it could potentially be scripted for Taker to do the job out the door as retirement.

Orton winning would put the Authority in full control…if they actually BE HEEL!!!! Tweening left and right is rough and does not bode well for continuity. Scary Orton does not work either with this stable or his current state of character. We are supposed to see the psychotic viper. A predator is a predator, not someone who cries about being protected week after week. Orton turning full sadistic heel, and winning in a screwjob fashion puts Cena against the full Authority, something that would really make him an underdog, especially if Hunter gets physical and the Shield becomes the true Shield: A Shield for Authority.

In conclusion, an Orton victory would bring some sense to an already senseless situation, but this is WWE.