Improving One Step at a Time

Both of these, I did with Ja Rule’s song Down *** Chick beat. Lot of flows can be done without the beats, but I like putting a beat behind some of my words just to see if it works or not.

#1:The Roots – Legend is My Flow

Legend is my flow goes back to a little of the gangsta attitude I had in my younger days. Though it’s no longer a part of me, some of the characteristics remain. I was very cutthroat with people, so there’s still a lot of fire behind my words. A lot of strength was visible during this time of my life, but it really wasn’t inside of my heart, unlike now. Now I don’t profess my strength, but everyone knows that I’m strongwilled, I just don’t have to prove it as much.

#2: Los of Legend

This one is kinda interesting, it’s not like I’m rap battling, but it did turn into somewhat of a battle,as I was trying to outdo myself with each line, professing who and what I am. I’m improving in my writing and delivery, I just have to keep the words in memory. Once that happens, I could deliver spoken word, which is my goal.

Each one of these will be added to my Poetry page this weekend.