“I already have all I need”

As I was going through dumblittleman.com, I read the following: “I already have all I need”
“Self-explanatory. The path to success is through self-discovery and not world conquest as some would believe. People who have made it knew how to uncover their skills and true potential instead of obsessing with possessing.”

I took another spin on this by relating it physically. Honestly, for Christmas, I really have not had a desire for anything in particular. I have been this way for the past two or three years. Basically it is because everything I could want, I already have. It makes me feel simple, yet effective at the same time. Since I do not have any impeding desires to get in the way, I can focus my energies on what is important: improving my life day by day. That is the only desire I have. For Christmas, I have family, friends, and life. Anything else, it is merely materialistic. As long as it is positive, I can go on. I already have all I need.