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How to Finish the Year Strong: 3 Ways to Wrap Up the Year

Ever get near the end of the year and question, “Where did the time go?” This year was definitely one of those years. At the beginning of the year, we have a myriad of goals and inspirations. When you get down to the last few months, some coast through those goals or become lax. Others may work hard and begin to lose steam. Don’t let that steam get away from you. Finish the year strong!

Holidays can drop productivity. All the marvelous times, food, snacks, Christmas joy, shopping, and other festivities may try to drain your energy and drive to finish strong. For me, I have taken the below steps to wrap up the year. Give them a whril!

Wrap Up The Year!

  • Conduct a Year-End Review
    Think of January and how excited you were to start the new year. “New year, new me.” Remember that? By glancing at the past, we can have a different perspective. Do not harbor on what is done or what is not done. This is a point of inventory. Take note of what was completed, what was started, and what was not started.
  • One Thing
    Out of the notes from the last point, pick one thing that you can accomplish before year’s end. That one person you may want to reconnect with? Why not take the plunge? That resume you wanted to send out? Send it to the job. You never know how it would end up. That book you wanted to write? Well, write it. I know I did.
  • Stop!
    Stop beating yourself up on the things that were not done and the things that are out of your realm of control. Control is within your own two hands. If you can grasp it, you can control it. If not, that is not on you. Only own what is in front of you, not someone or something else.

Just like you, I am evaluating my year, as I do every year. Some goals, I have achieved. Others, I am still working on.

  • Review
  • Find One Thing
  • Stop Beating Yourself Up

Ride the Wave

What does this year look like to you? How will you finish the year strong? I would love to know in the comments below!