Having a Drive Bigger than Yourself

Sometimes in the world, we work with limits, some true, others perceived. Today, I have truly exceeded my limits. There are not many opportunities that I speak from a personal perspective, but my talent lies in my work. My poetry is my way to convey my feelings to the world as I am sometimes awkward when it comes to full-blown expression. One of my friends asked a question: “When your personal drive is gone, what do you rely on?” Some people look to the haters for motivation, in an effort to prove people wrong. Others look within for motivation. Most look to God. My motivation is my failures. With failure, I have seen where it can take you. It can cause you to lose confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect. A failure should not be looked upon negatively. It should be looked upon as a motivator. Success will not come from all things. Sometimes there will be things that one may fall short on. There is no point of beating yourself up over it. Pick up your life and keep on moving. Life is full of opportunities and chances. Your drive and motivation must be bigger than yourself.