Gaming – What it is?

Honestly, this is a question that can be answered easily. To me, the gaming life is a life of crazy, late-night twists and turns. Full of strategy, full of thoughts, exhausting battles, and trying to have a little fun in the process.

So, this is another side and another story. It’s true that I am a gamer, perhaps one of the most complex anyway. Any adventure, strategy, RTS, sports, simulation, and even the ol’ school emulation stuff is playable.

Being into computers so much hasn’t really helped the habit a lot, lol. It actually added the online gaming concept. It’s all in enjoyment, especially dealing with people online. A lot of gamers will know what I’m referring to when I bring up the idea of clans, guilds, etc.

The entire concept behind gamers is the typical guy with glasses, sits in front of his computer/console, with pizza boxes and Red Bull cans all around. It’s not the case….when in fact the gamer actually has a life besides that. Though it may or may not be as huge as the non-gamer, the person actually does breathe another air besides the air that is compressed and blowing out of the gamer’s multi-hundred dollar PC.

Think about that once in a while that the same drive and focus that a gamer spends trying to solve the riddle in some strategy game, that same focus can be applied to every aspect of life.