Gaming: A Different Life or One and the Same?

This is one that I’m truly proud of as a gamer. Icey[TR] is perhaps my composure, control, and attempt at a cut-throat gaming style while behind a console and computer screen. For 4 years, it has been the driving force behind RTS games such as Warcraft III, Kohan: Ahriman’s Gift, AoE, and FPS such as Doom, UT2004, CounterStrike: Source, and a million other games. Also, I realize that there’s more focus and more acceptance of a lot of things while living in a virtual world knowing to many as a gamer’s circle.

Respect is earned and garnered among the elites. Luckily during the time as a gamer, one hopes for this solemn respect, but rarely gets it. So instead of bitching about not being respected, the gamer accepts it and decides to keep improving. Fact is: This is a great idea to apply to life as well. Despite not being respected by others, we should continue to live our lives anyway.

Focus is one major aspect of gaming, as a gamer must remain focused while playing or nothing will get accomplished. There’s a million other aspects that this can be applied to in life. Academics, social situations, and other things come to mind with this.

Finally there’s the concept of communication with other gamers. In team games, it’s essential to communicate effectively and thoroughly. Lack of that communication can cost teams many games. Translation: that person who we may think is the most socially inept person can turn into one of the best gaming field generals in a blink of the eye. It’s just a matter of applying the trade elsewhere.

So, is the style different or the same? To me, my time as a gamer and my time dealing with the world is the same, but different in extremity. My attitude, moral perspective, and lifestyle just shines a lot more while I’m behind a computer. There’s no hesitation, as there is when talking to someone face to face.