Gameface Revisit – Learning from Mistakes

Just a small piece I rewrote.

This whole “never back down, never quit”, shit, it started with Cena”¦.John Cena.

The gameface persona is one I keep strong and true to myself cuz it’s me. It’s a mixture of what I believe and what I aspire to. I don’t aspire to be John Cena, but there are a lot of things about him that appeal to me, such as his drive in the ring and improving his body. It’s an idea I’m truly into. My persona and perspective on life is for it to be as serious as humanly possible. I take no one for granted, because I don’t force anyone to be in my life. Nor do I force anyone to stay. It’s their choice and their option. All I can do is work on myself and try not to make the same mistakes again. I consider it a blessing to have breath. To be alive. It’s a thing that I have learned to cherish. I have learned to love myself and the life I lead. At one time”¦..I can say I have thought that it was worthless until I realized something. Why wish for something that’s going to happen eventually? Death will come to us all, no point in rushing it.

For the past 7 years, I have been on a mission to evolve myself into a better person in every aspect. This was my problem. Instead of working on one area, I tried to make a general change. It’s a gradual process to change things in life and this is a lesson worth learning. My mom said that she heard someone say “Bought sense is the best kind.”, Guess this means a person really doesn’t learn anything about something unless he or she experiences it on their own.

I come to the realization that being serious with EVERYTHING doesn’t work all the time. Hell, NOTHING works all the time. It’s not called, ”˜fucking up’, ”˜messing up’, ”˜screwing up’, or any of that. It’s a learning experience, one that is worth it, if a lesson is learned. Now the hard part is applying it.

A Revisit from the Gameface Post