Gameface…..Act III

For the past 7 years, I have been on a mission to evolve myself into a better person in every aspect.

Well….here we go again with part three of the gameface post. Writer’s block allowed this to happen because I actually looked at the oldies and realize one concept: People knew that I had the ability to be a success, the ability to be a great person. There’s my personal issue, the doubt in character, the one thing that will force you analyze life instead of living it.

I consider it a blessing to have breath to be alive. It’s a thing that I have learned to cherish. I have learned to love myself and the life I lead. At one time”¦..I can say I thought that it was worthless until I realized something. Why wish for something that’s going to happen eventually? Death will come to us all, no point in rushing it.

I felt as if no matter how hard I tried or how hard I pushed that I was going to miss my mark, no matter what. So, I began shortchanging myself, setting smaller goals so they can be met. That was my biggest mistake…guess there’s a point where trying to have the gameface is pushed too far. What do YOU think?

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