For the Paper Chasers

Money – Something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment

That guap, that green, that cheddar, that gang gren, that moolah, that paper….Face it, we are all a victim of the dollar. If it is to be made, we make sure we get paid. Let a manager hold that paycheck for more than TWO seconds and watch heads fly. And PLEASE don’t loan any out to that ONE person that you know will take his or her sweet time in repaying you. How about that person you do NOT want to be around because you know your pocket will be emptied in a matter of seconds? Or fellas, that chick that always wanting something? Even to the ladies, where’s that man with a job who is always broke? It is a cruel world out there and we all are trying to re-up on money at all times. There is a concept of too little…is there a concept of too much?
“If it look like money, sound like money, n**** it’s money.” – Yo Gotti