I pride myself on this. Funny”¦.if I have so much pride on focus, why is it so easy to lose? I believe that sometimes that the things we say we are best at require the LEAST of our attention but if something harder comes along, it is even harder to focus on it. Translation: if it is something I don’t enjoy, my focus can easily be diverted. A lot of people are this way also. Then again, there’s the one-dimensional approach I have on practically everything in my life.

I stick too many names to myself when angered, annoyed, 100% focused, lacking calmness or compassion except the one name that should be on it to begin with: Carlos Montrell Maury. I accept the fact that there are times where my focus is on my objective, nothing more, and nothing less. This makes me a little selfish and self-absorbed, but it gets the job done. It’s a thought pattern I don’t like, but it’s part of me that I am trying to change. I like the focus, but the rage that can easily come with it is unnecessary.

I am completely focused on my life and what I can bring to the table, it’s my passion, my choice”¦..my focus.