Inspired by: Stop Following ”˜The Rules’ Of Your Life And Bring Back The Joy

How many ‘off the wall’ moments can you name in life? Moments where you had the biggest grin on your face? Moments where you were in tears laughing? Well, believe it or not, I have a million and I’ve given people too many ROTFLMAO moments. The thing is that I live by a simple concept: You only live once.

There is only one shot to do and say something silly. There is a time to be serious, but when that is over…..the first thing that comes to mind will be said. I find joy in cracking people up because even if it does not get them laughing, I am laughing at my damn self in the process.

What is your joy? Let me know in the comments!

I truly, truly get my joy out of technology…..and watching movies where there are fast cars or stuff goes “BOOOOOMMMMMM!”