Finally Coming to a Head

Wonder if anyone ever had that feeling as if they had that energy and focus to do something, but honestly, they find out that the energy and focus are nonexistent.

I, myself, do not feel the burn out point, but I guess it’s a concept that your body and the things that happen in your life will tell you to SLOW DOWN!

Iuka, MS was a great spot to do that. Silence, nature, and a lot of open space to just take it all in and think. It also made me realize a fact that was undeniable: I’m not the same anymore.

I finally exploded after everything that happened in March. Not going to say if it was pretty or ugly…ok, damn it, it was not pretty. Crazy midterm grades, family issues, and even a few personal conflicts, it all came to a head. Containment is not a must. Once all the shit hits at once, a person really starts to go a little crazy. I believe I spent like two or three hours just trying to convince myself of stuff that I just did not want to be. Guess it’s really not a dream after all.

I also crashed hard yesterday, like 6:30pm or 7pm. Slept for almost 12 freaking hours, LOL. I don’t know wtf happened, but it’s like my body just said “Screw it, I want sleep.”

I really do not know what is going to happen while I go through this BS, but it’s really coming to a head……