Currently there’s lots of hype surrounding the next-generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, therefore it’s not surprising to see that thousands of avid gamers have fallen for a basic scam which is earning it’s creators thousands of likes on their Facebook pages.

Today whilst on Facebook I have seen an image being shared which lead to different Facebook pages, one shows what’s a pretty shoddy PS4 concept asking people to share the “official”, picture and like the page for a chance to be an early tester of the PS4 and get to keep the console afterwards. Scroll down for a little more info.

The Fake PlayStation Network Facebook Page

Below you can see the image which his has been all over Facebook today, it is accompanied by big bold text reading “We need testers!”,


It then reads: “Sony needs testers for the new PlayStation 4. You will get to keep the new PS4 after you’ve tested it”¦.. If you want to be a tester for the new PS4 just share the official picture and like our and sony will choose people at random. ~ Sony.

At the time of this post thousands of people have shared the image, hundreds have commented and around 500 people have “Liked”, the page it promotes, sneakily it’s called “Playstation Network,”, notice the comma on the end, that’s not our typo. For obvious reasons, we’re not going to link you to the page, it’s someone pretending to be Sony, they’ve even used the official PlayStation logo. The biggest giveaway for us is that in the image the controller does not resemble the one which Sony revealed to the world last month.

Please unlike this page as we’re sure dodgy content will be shared which could perhaps lead to fraud, viruses or disappointment.

Please leave us a comment below if you’ve seen these on Facebook today! We hope both pages get taken down. Why not share this post on Facebook so your friends don’t fall for it!