Evolving to the End (Loose Ends 3)

Every coin got two sides…on one hand….modesty…on the other….vanity.

-Austin Wyatt

Thoughts while I’m working on Loose Ends III. I said that I was not gong to bring it back, but some things need to be written. Rhymes need to be rhymed, so I’m gonna take the time to bring Loose Ends back.

The gist of it is a lot of anger and rage behind the lyrics, the writing, and verses. It is me truly using poetry and rap as a release. I know lately my words have twisted and turned in a different direction, speaking FROM emotion instead of ABOUT emotion. It is a new approach to rhyming, especially since half of it is behind instrumentals these days. The beats drive the thoughts, so I think, I write, and rhyme.

Loose Ends III coming on 4/20/12