Evolving From The Ground Up

Now this one is perhaps the unorganized point of my blogging, but this will be on random topics that began to hit my mind while I was between classes.

  • 22 Years of Life…..

I look at a lot of things and say….”Damn, why do I waste my time?” Well, honestly, I’m truly beginning to learn how to clarify my vision. Translation: I’m going to officially detach myself from a lot of unnecessary shit (and yes I used that world out of exhaustion and spite.) I’m basically getting to the point of being a tired and exhausted soul; therefore, I’m going to really, really, really, say “Screw it.” As of right now, I’m going to take a new approach to my life, no longer seeing the glass as half-empty, but half-full. I want to rid myself of a lot of stress, though I know my life will not be 100% stress-free.

  • Logical Thought

I’ve come to grasp that I may be a slight bit OCD. I’ve been described as too logical and a little too uptight (like I have a damn broom up my ass). Anyway, I don’t know why I am like that, but I guess that no matter how much I may be in the limelight, the timid side of me will always bring itself out.

  • Physical and Mental Evolution

So, I’ve bulked up, can bench over 200lbs, and perhaps beginning to come to a stronger mental point. It’s a point in my life where a light went off and I said, “Hey, let’s shake some things up.” So I hit the gym and the books in a religious fashion, non-stop, consistently.

It became a very goal-oriented point in my life because I desire change. It’s who I am and its what I want to do.

LosEvolution is a point where I plan to execute a final solution, and it starts with the small things….the ones that make the largest difference.