Current Face/Heel Wrestling Situation

First off, let’s look at who we got as the big shot face/heel of WWE and TNA


WWE: John Cena, CM Punk (your current stars)

I am not mentioning Undertaker, HHH, or any others since they’re not 100% active)

TNA: Jeff Hardy, James Storm


WWE: John Cena, Chris Jericho (troll)

TNA: Bobby Roode, Bully Ray

Honestly, there is not a person in the WWE or ImpactWrestling at the moment with that 100% heel or face reaction. When Austin and Rock were face characters, you KNEW they were the fan favorites. If the glass shattered or if you heard, “IF YA SMELL,”, something made you get up and cheer. The thing is that they were in pure heel mode the whole time. They raised hell, bullied other stars, the whole 9 yards. The catch is that they made it entertaining.

That is what these current guys are missing. That bad-ass mentality. Miz is too frat-boyish, Ziggler wants to be the next go-to guy too much, Kofi is kinda underused but still a spot monkey, Cena & Ryder need mean streaks, Kane & Big Show need to go on their destruction sprees again being monster heels that destroy all the faces… WWE Champion & World Heavyweight Champion, Michael Cole needs another T-shirt on his head, Lawler of 90’s needs to smack this current variation with a ‘PUPPIES’ stick. The closest edge to that hilarity is……..R-Truth. Call it what you want, but he is the current edge of what it needs to be. That guy that is a riot.

Final Note: Take the comedy wheels off Santino a bit and let him prove his point. Last night Elimination Chamber proves that the guy can tell a story and get it done in the ring.

Until MNR,