CTG2 Thoughts and Loose Ends Tied?

“Analyzing Gotti’s work again put me back into my zone when it came to rhyming. I approached it wholeheartedly as a way to enhance my poetry and spoken word; however, I feel that after LE5, I have not truly tasted the entire approach to adding beats to my words. This time, I’m more reserved, more calm about what I’m speaking, instead of digging into my past and finding pain that I’ve already dealt with. With a 1/1/13 release, I know that this is something that I can approach patiently and thoroughly, the same as Loose Ends 5.”

Writing CTG2 is probably easier than writing Loose Ends 5. I will not haphazardly write another album, and I want to make up for the first CTG, which fell short of my expectations. It was because of the time constraint and losing a bit of passion to write in the style of reminiscing. After Loose Ends 5, I had an idea to revisit CTG, but now that is changed. The problem is that it is now a self-titled album.

CTG2 is now LosEvolution: Chronicles of L.E. Part I, which means there’s another series of verses coming. Part 2 is slated for 3/1/13 and Part 3 will be out 3/8/13, each with a lighter side to my character, a lighter side to who I truly am.

Truthfully, I’m a guy who saw the downs that life had to offer (pessimism, depression, bullying, suicide, homicide, violence, low self-esteem) and turned pretty much every negative to a positive. I do live a great life, one that can definitely be admired, and as I write, I agreed that I wanted to write how I live. I live without regret because every ounce of pain I endure has a lesson. God is my inspiration, and my family are my moral foundation. Those who are true to me, I be true to them. Those who are fake to me, I still remain true to them, because I answer to God for my own actions and motives. I wrote Loose Ends 1-5 on feelings of my past, putting them to rest once and for all.

The Loose Ends are finally tied, and I am truly proud that I no longer have to spit such things back into existence, write such things down on paper, and perform such painful lines.

Part 2 and 3 of Chronicles will each dwell a bit dark to deal with the significance of those dates. Probably 3 tracks altogether, everything else will be lighter.

Real first, fake never, live the life to be better, weather every storm, fight through any weather….